NewFoundry rebrands Canopy by LanguageMate as Vocatta™. The New York City-based company LanguageMate specializes in creating software that removes language and cultural barriers in healthcare. The Canopy leadership team was seeking to revitalize their core brand voice and identity to better reflect and communicate the essence of their offering. The current brand name and identity was failing to reflect the company’s growth trajectory and had become limited in its core ability to foster engagement with customers, employees and stakeholders. The new name (rooted in the invented naming category) is a play off the word ‘Vocat’ – which is an abbreviation of Vocative: of, pertaining to, or used in calling, specifying, or addressing. The word ending “tta” comes from Arietta – a short, relatively uncomplicated, aria (melody). Vocatta reflects the power of one’s voice, both for the patient and care provider.