The top benefits of Product Customization for online buyers.

Competitive advantage over companies that don’t offer customization.

According to SmarterHQ, 80% of frequent shoppers only purchase from brands that offer customized experiences. So what better way to set yourself apart from the competition than to offer a visual product customization experience?

Better customer experience.

According to Gartner, a great customer experience highly increases the customers’ intent to purchase. By giving customers the opportunity to visually customize your products in real-time, and see the pricing change as they add or remove options, truly empowers them to control their buyers journey.

It builds customer loyalty and retention.

When brands hand greater control over to their customers, it builds affinity for these brands according to a recent Accenture study. Site data also shows that when customers take advantage of product customization experiences, they spend more time on the site and are much more likely to make return visits. Another aspect driving brand affinity, is the ability to share visuals of their product creations through social media. Buy including it on their platforms, and getting feedback from their friends and family, the intent to buy increases and the brand gets additional exposure.

Speed up the sales cycle.

The overall result of a product configurator experience is the acceleration of the buying process from awareness, to consideration to purchase. With the customer in charge of the customization, the order accuracy improves dramatically, lowering returns and increasing customer satisfaction. To learn more about how Smithy can accelerate your sales cycle or request a platform demo.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash