Smithy Configurator Commerce

Generate leads, increase customers engagement, and increase bottom-line revenue.


Smithy Platform

We developed the Smithy platform to solve a fundamental client problem;
not enough leads and sales being generated through their website.
Visualization & Configuration

Manage simple to complex configurations directly from the Smithy platform. Our logic engine ensures that only possible configurations are allowed to generate leads.

Integration & Omni-Channel Selling

Integrate with any website, ecommerce, or enterprise selling platform as well as CRM platforms like Salesforce. Smithy works across mobile, tablet and trade show touch screens delivering a consistent experience across all channels.

Analytics & Reporting

Buyer interactions with the configurator produces data that can inform trends and buyer preferences for downstream production. It also records buyer actions that can be used to refine and improve the experience.

More buyer confidence.
More leads.

When buyers can visually customize your products and see them change in real-time, it creates brand experiences that build trust, and intent to buy skyrockets!

49% of consumers say immersive technologies make them feel more connected with products.
Accenture Interactive, July 2020

Why Smithy?

Because you need to focus on your core responsibilities. Our core expertise is enabling configurator commerce for our clients. Creating exceptional product customization experiences is a high touch engagement. You need a partner that can consult, build, integrate, finetune, manage, and monitor this experience on a rock solid platform.

Flexible user interface
Tailored to meet your brands exact needs

Universal compatibility
Seamlessly integrates with any ecommerce, CRM, ERP or DAM platform

Accessible on any device
Give customers the freedom to customize products on mobile, tablet, or desktop

Complex business rules engine
Apply rule to ensure your customers can only configure valid product combinations

Dynamic pricing
Display price updates in real time as customers make selections

Language and currencies
Offer products in multiple languages and currencies to expand your global reach

Online and in-store
Provide product customization online or in-store with kiosk or tablet

Social media sharing
Allow customers to share their unique customizations to expand your reach

Headless APIs
Integrate our platform across your dealer and distributor sites

World class performance
Smithy provides 99.99% uptime with fast load times

Working with Smithy

You work directly with a specialized team to guide you through the journey to an immersive selling experience. We don’t do cookie-cutter. We build holistic, interactive product experiences that visually mesh with your existing website and feed leads directly to your CRM.

Strategy & Configurations

Define phase one success.
Set logic for all customizations.

Build Interface & Assets

Design UI to mesh with brand standards.
Create visual assets.

Quality Control & Launch

Test and refine experience.
Launch and monitor.

Engaged buyers,
buy more products.

User data shows Smithy’s immersive experiences grows average order size, shortens the sales cycle, improves order accuracy and increases lead conversion.

40% conversion rate increase when you replace traditional product photography with visual configuration.
— Harris Poll Survey, July 2020

Smithy plays well with other platforms.

A configurator experience integrated with your existing platforms will help automate your sales workflow and create a unified customer experience across all of your digital channels. Below are some platforms we have integrated with.
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Smithy is trusted by leading brands.

trusted partner
trusted partner
trusted partner
trusted partner

Better product experiences create more sales.

Buyers are demanding the ability to self-serve, get real-time pricing, and interact with your product before committing to purchase. Visual product configuration can deliver this experience, while leveraging the fact that we buy with our eyes. Let Smithy unleash the power of configurator commerce for your brand.

47% of consumers would pay extra for a product if they could customize or personalize it using immersive technologies.
— Accenture Interactive, July 2020

What can Smithy do for you?