Introducing Grapperz

Today we’re celebrating a big event with client and inventor Mark Hildebrandt who partnered with NewFoundry to develop Grapperz. Not long ago, Mark headed into our studio armed with his rough sketch and a Big Idea: wouldn’t it be great to solve the universal problem of the modern device user? He was talking about earbuds.

“Everyone struggles with untangling cords,” he said, “which is frustrating and a waste of time. People often misplace them. I’ve tried every earbud holder on the market and they just don’t work well. I’ve come up with a better design.” We couldn’t have agreed more. Mark chose to partner with NewFoundry for the identity, packaging, tagline and design guidance, and Grapperz was on its way to reality. And that big event we’re celebrating today? You can now find Grapperz on the world’s largest retailer, Amazon. Congratulations Mark!