The leading digital discovery solutions company was seeking to better capture their strategic positioning in the marketplace and needed a partner that could extend a revitalized brand voice across a wide range of touch points. READ MORE

vRide for VPSI

The nation’s leading vanpool provider, VPSI Inc., set out to define their brand voice and build a consistent, seamless image across their network in support of their new “ride match” software. VPSI selected NewFoundry to spearhead this critical effort. READ MORE

Creating Brand Intimacy Through Innovation

Business is moving faster than ever and so are relationships. For brands and companies that want to grow quickly, creating brand intimacy through innovation is mission-critical.

Too many businesses get caught up in jargon-heavy social media speak and technical writing that misses the point altogether: human conversation. People do business with people. Brands that get this speak as if they were talking over coffee at a local diner. Brands that excel at this listen, understand, and go for depth, almost like dating.

Brand Personality is Everything

Interacting with brands is analogous to personal relationships: We are attracted to intriguing, self-assured, reliant, and one-of-a-kind people. These are the type of brands that people choose to have a relationship with. We find those who lack such characteristics and who do not showcase a distinct point of view to be somewhat tedious and uninspiring.

Nine Naming Do’s & Don’ts


  1. Consider the long-term strategy for the name you’re developing and how the new brand name will fit into your company’s brand architecture and brand portfolio systems.

The Importance of Trademark Registration

We are often asked, “Do we really need to protect our name and visual identity with a registered trademark?” I always respond with, “That depends on how angry and upset you’ll be if someone else starts using your business name, symbols and iconography.”READ MORE