Getting families on the path to good habits and accountability.

Savvy parent and connected co-founder Sandy Aldrich sought NewFoundry's naming, brand, design, and engineering expertise to forge her Big Idea for an app to bolster the good intentions of moms and dads everywhere.

When it comes to helping kids embrace responsibility and form good habits, most parents have the desire to build these skills, but struggle with consistency. Many families try to implement a system for chores, allowance, and commitments only to abandon it when life gets busy.

Enter Stridepost. Sandy Aldrich along with co-founders Saber Ammori and John Kello approached NewFoundry with the concept for their family organization app, and leveraged us to help them get to version 1.0 as quickly as possible. NewFoundry's team of strategists, designers, and engineers engaged our Frame, Fabricate, Forge, and Finish process to build the new web and mobile application from the ground up.

Our team of strategists quickly got to work to craft a positioning strategy and name for the brand. Following discovery sessions, marketplace immersion, research, distillation, and strategy development, Stridepost emerged as the lead concept, ready to take the brand where it needed to go.

Our design team developed brand identity concepts for Stridepost, presenting them in a variety of applications to aid the Stridepost team in landing on the best fit concept to carry the brand forward.

With the visual identity for the brand established, our design team immediately moved into UX/UI design, wireframing, and static mockup development. The Stridepost team interfaced with parent groups throughout the process, gathering UX/UI insights that fueled refinement of the design and enabling the quick and confident initiation of engineering development.

NewFoundry's software engineers developed separate mobile applications for kids and their parents, as well as a web application aimed at parents. Each interface presents different roles for the management of chores, rewards, and calendars, yet work seamlessly together. After further user testing and extensive QA, Stridepost was launched. Presently in beta testing, the app is making strides with families looking to make a change for the better.

Stridepost is now available in iTunes, Google Play, and at