Club Car: Commercial Configurator

Club Car: Commercial Configurator

Custom CPQ solution streamlines purchase process and delivers greater than 900% ROI


Building on the success of the consumer vehicle configurator, Club Car selected NewFoundry to design and engineer another vehicle configurator – also known as a custom CPQ (configure, price, quote) site – for its extensive line of commercial vehicles.

In addition to supporting fully customizable builds of 57 vehicles and 489 options and accessories, the custom-designed solution streamlines the purchase process with workflows that promote “fit-to-task” configurations targeted to customers in 5 core industries. To make it easier for customers to collaborate on product selections across organizations, the configurator enables the user to save a collection of configured vehicles as a fleet, then share a unique code with colleagues who may then review and edit the product selections before working with the Club Car sales team.

Finally, we engineered the configurator to integrate with Club Car’s CRM of choice paired with a dealer locator, which triggers a sales workflow for Club Car dealers the moment a user submits a fleet. Club Car has enjoyed a notable increase in leads and conversions for its commercial line since launch and reports over 900% return on its investment in the configurator.

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