Michigan Department of Education

NewFoundry selected to create name, visual identity, and UX/UI design standards for MDE web portal

NewFoundry designed the UX/UI protocol that serves as the foundation of the all-new Michigan Department of Education (MDE) data and resource portal. The digital destination, developed by Red Cedar Solutions Group (RCSG), replaces CIMS and is designed to serve as a vessel of two-way communication between the MDE and the school districts it serves. NewFoundry designed the user standards protocol for RCSG to drive consistent clarity, accessibility, and navigability across all of its software products while ensuring that each of them looks as great as it functions.

With the launch date quickly approaching, education program management firm Public Sector Consultants tapped NewFoundry to develop a new name for the portal. NewFoundry strategists conducted discovery sessions with key stakeholders, marketplace immersion, and other secondary research to develop the strategic criteria that would guide the name ideation efforts. The result of the process is ‘Catamaran’, a name selected to represent forward motion, a vessel of two-way communication, and partnership between the state and districts. Our design team then developed the visual identity that would extend and reinforce the name’s values by creating an approachable, intuitive web portal user experience.

We couldn’t be more proud of the outcomes of this end-to-end, collaborative partnership with RCSG, Public Sector Consultants, and the Michigan Department of Education.


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