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Roush itunes

Roush Active Exhaust Mobile App Release

NewFoundry is the proud designer of the Active Exhaust mobile app released for iOS by Roush Performance last week. Forged by NewFoundry from the ground up, this challenge leveraged our unique blend of design, UX/UI, and embedded software engineering expertise to provide a unique, wireless interface between drivers and Roush’s unique exhaust sound “tuning” product. Active Exhaust first made waves when it […]

Charlie Szczygiel

Welcome Charlie Szczygiel, Designer at NewFoundry

NewFoundry is pleased to announce that Charlie Szczygiel has joined our team of modern-day blacksmiths as a designer. A graduate from Eastern Michigan University, Charlie comes to us with a depth of experience in brand design for web, print and motion. Charlie has become known for his work in animation in particular, a skill that he […]

Eamon Whalon

Welcome Eamon Whalen, Software Engineering Intern at NewFoundry

NewFoundry is pleased to announce that Eamon Whalen has joined us for a summer internship focusing on software development. Since joining us just a few short weeks ago, Eamon has become a major asset to our team as a key developer on all-new mobile apps in the sports and communications spaces. Eamon will enter his […]

2015 Anvil Classic Gold Outing

2nd Annual Anvil Classic

Summer has officially arrived for the NewFoundry team with the successful completion of the 2nd Annual Anvil Classic. The scores were a bit shameful, and some of the swings downright terrifying, but there was definitely no shortage of laughter. And with all the new team members here we had about double the fun as last year. Kudos to the […]

Motion Booth

Motion Booth is a fun and engaging take on the photo booth for weddings and other events. Instead of taking 4 pictures in series like a traditional photo booth, Motion Booth snaps 20 to 30 pictures while guests pose and move around, producing six- to seven-thousand pictures over the course of an average event. All of the […]

Canton Soccer Club

Capturing the way forward for a local, iconic soccer club

NewFoundry was selected to define and design the way forward for the Canton Soccer Club. The Club Manager, Dan McEvilly, was seeking to develop a new, integrated brand identity system for the club that would meet their primary objective: bring their two main operational branches (premier/travel teams and community recreational teams) together. The secondary objective was […]

Feroze Shahpurwala

Welcome Feroze Shahpurwala, Software Engineer at NewFoundry

NewFoundry recently welcomed Feroze Shahpurwala to our team of modern-day blacksmiths. Feroze comes to us as a versatile, resourceful, and adept developer and has quickly demonstrated that he is up for any challenge. Prior to joining NewFoundry, Feroze worked as an app developer at Seelio and in IT at the National Center for Institutional Diversity at the University of […]

Movimento Cadillac Mitsubishi

Movimento: App for Mitsubishi’s FLEXConnect™ IVI

Mitsubishi Electric recently announced its new generation of FLEXConnect™ In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems. The system, to be featured at TU-Automotive Detroit in June, is built on an Android™ platform and leverages information sharing across center touchscreen, instrument cluster, and heads-up displays. Movimento, for whom NewFoundry developed the iOS-based Premio X® application, recognized this as an important opportunity to extend […]

Pi Innovo

Pi Innovo, providers of adaptive electronics engineering services and product platforms to customers across the globe, teamed up with NewFoundry to create a fresh web presence. NewFoundry leveraged our unique, multidisciplinary approach to bring the all-new to life. Our brand, design, and engineering teams came together from the start to ensure the new site […]

The Return of Entre-SLAM

The popular business storytelling competition known as Entre-SLAM has returned for another season. Local entrepreneur Christa Chambers-Price started Entre-SLAM to provide a platform for enterprising Michigan business people to share their stories of innovation and impact. NewFoundry is a proud sponsor of Entre-SLAM 2015, kicking off at Mighty Good Coffee tonight at 7:00 pm. Learn […]