Ready to shape the next big thing?


Become a modern day blacksmith.

We are a group of fun-loving and driven engineers, designers, and strategists. We are music lovers, bike enthusiasts, gamers, soccer players, and technology geeks who like working on new challenges and are unflappable in the face of change. Our office is in a low-slung, sprawling studio space on the East side of Ann Arbor. You will find us gathered together in work groups or taking an occasional mind-clearing walk on the wooded paths in nearby County Farm Park.

Be valued

We’re committed to building a diverse and inclusive team. Our CEO even won an award for it! We want our blacksmiths to bring their unique perspectives and skills to the work we do.

Control your destiny

Have ownership of your projects. Get involved from day one and drive the process from gathering requirements to designing, implementing, testing, and deployment.

Bring your ideas

We work on both client and internally sourced products that rotate regularly. This keeps the work fresh, fun, and exciting.


Make lots of things and learn from them.


More than just great projects.

• 401k with 100% coverage of 401k management fees
• 401k match annually (amount varies; 4-6% on average)
• Financial advisor services included in 401k plan
• Medical and dental plans available
• Paid holidays: minimum of 8 days per year
• Paid time off (PTO): 15 days per year

• Quarterly team events
• Free-standing office building with landscaped private patio and adjacent to natural wooded areas
• Free on-site parking
• Complimentary snacks and beverages
• Recruitment referral bonus


Who we’re looking for right now.

Software Engineers

Do you want to create software products for web, mobile, cloud, and automotive platforms? Do you like to have ownership of your work? Do you like to work on a whole system and not just its parts? Are you ready to strike the anvil and be part of a software-based solutions company that Forges Big Ideas?

NewFoundry is looking for full-time, well-rounded software product developers who know web and/or mobile development. We want a thinker and a maker – a true contributor. You must have strong coding and problem solving skills. We are looking for someone who contributes with enthusiasm and a critical eye. We place a high emphasis on engineers who can not only write code but also are attentive to design, like to lead, and can use our clients’ goals to drive project outcomes.

Web development engineers

Python/Django, node.js/Meteor, JavaScript, React, Ruby on Rails, or PHP

Full-Time or Intern

iOS mobile development engineers

iOS (Objective-C, Swift)

Full-Time or Intern

Android mobile development engineers

Android (Java)

Full-Time or Intern


Show us your skills.

We’re builders, so the best way for us to see how you would fit at NewFoundry is to see what you’ve built. Show us what you’ve created with a link on the app store, the web, a side project, a sample of your code, or anything else to give us a sense of how your approach things. Nothing to share? No problem. You can also take a code exam with us as part of the interview process. It sure beats bullet points on a resume.

Ready to strike the anvil at NewFoundry? Reach out to us at:

For information about how we are operating during COVID-19, see this post. For the health and safety of all, NewFoundry will interview and onboard virtually until further notice.