Michigan Medicine: My Weight Loss Journey

Mobile application educates patients and helps realize optimal post-surgery outcomes


The University of Michigan, with faculty serving as director and co-director of the Michigan Bariatric Surgery Collaborative, was driven to find new ways to set patients up for success and lasting health.

Following on the success of the Weigh the Odds Outcomes Calculator, Michigan Medicine and the Michigan Bariatric Surgery Collaborative sought NewFoundry’s design and engineering expertise to develop the My Weight Loss Journey app.

My Weight Loss Journey helps realize optimal outcomes at every stage in the patient care lifecycle.

  1. Pre-operative: The app educates the patient with helpful resources and testimonials regarding what to expect from the surgical procedure.
  2. Patient post-operative: The app prompts the the patient to complete a survey at timed intervals to help shape positive postoperative behavior.
  3. Physician post-operative: The app guides physicians on topics to discuss with the patient at follow-up appointments.

Engineered for availability on both iOS and Android devices, My Weight Loss Journey utilizes HIPAA-compliant backend data storage, retrieval, and analysis APIs running in AWS using state-of-the art infrastructure and security controls.


Workflow Design
UX/UI Design
High-Fidelity Design Mockups
Mobile Application Engineering
Testing and QA
iOS App Development
Android App Development