Huntington App
Huntington App

A mobile app aimed at shifting perceptions about the economic vitality of Detroit.

Huntington Bank sought NewFoundry's expertise to create an original, inspiring experience for its Board of Directors, who were scheduled to converge for a meeting in Detroit. After a discovery session with Huntington leadership, exploration, and ideation, NewFoundry strategists, designers, and engineers landed on a novel concept called "Shift Detroit".

Shift Detroit is an interactive experience that aims to "shift" perceptions about Detroit from dead-end roads to new pathways for sustained economic mobility.

Conceived to enhance a city tour of Detroit, NewFoundry designed and engineered the Shift Detroit iPad application user experience to unfold through an automobile shifter. The app leads Board Members on a virtual trip through promising city corridors where Huntington Bank can impact, grow, and thrive.

The gear shifter interface takes users to and from select areas as story points. The interactive tour includes gears 'R' and one through six. 'R' showcases Huntington's presence in Michigan and Detroit. This could be thought of as a reverse timeline that highlights Huntington's growth path in Michigan. Gears one through six explore current areas of economic revitalization in Detroit, including: Midtown, Corktown, Tech Town, New Center, Downtown, and North End.

Our collaborative relationship with Huntington Bank continues to expand in the areas of mobile technology and platform design in support of their strategic communications and engagement initiatives.