Pi Innovo

A website for complex products that strikes the right balance between content and design

Pi Innovo, providers of adaptive electronics engineering services and product platforms to customers across the globe, teamed up with NewFoundry to create a fresh web presence. NewFoundry leveraged our unique, multidisciplinary approach to bring the all-new pi-innovo.com to life.

Our brand, design, and engineering teams came together from the start to ensure the new site would engage users while effectively showcasing Pi Innovo’s unique and compelling message. Our client told us their old website suffered from lack of focus and “information overload.” Pi Innovo provides products and services that are at once custom and complex, leading to a struggle between comprehensive content and good design. Together we agreed on a winning strategy of stripping away all superfluous information so that only the most important, conversation-starting content could be showcased in a beautiful, accessible, and easy-to-comprehend manner. For example, a custom-built case study selection tool dynamically serves up the most relevant content for the user based on a few key interest selections. Other key functions include registration and download gateways, user access to licenses, and online payment.

With the new infrastructure in place, the Pi Innovo team has taken ownership over keeping the content fresh and up-to-date via a user-friendly administrative interface. The new website design has poised Pi Innovo to reach more customers, have more conversations, and achieve new levels of marketplace impact.


Brand and Marketplace Immersion
UX/UI Design
High-Fidelity Design Mockups
Website Development
Database Engineering
Testing and QA