Entrepreneur and media industry veteran Kathleen Hiraga approached NewFoundry to bring her Big Idea to life: Pop-Post. She envisioned Pop-Post as an online platform to showcase female artists, designers, creators, and fans of entertainment content.

With gaming enthusiasts’ show PAX East quickly approaching, our design, engineering, and project team jumped right in and took the Pop-Post brand from concept to fully-launched entertainment platform in just a few short months. The Pop-Post team would introduce its platform to the world at this high-profile fan event.

Working closely with Kathleen and helping to further refine the vision for Pop-Post, our design team created the Pop-Post brand design and identity. Early, rapid concept creation and distillation propelled the team to quickly land on a look and feel for the brand and the platform. Our design and engineering teams collaborated closely throughout to seamlessly extend the design into rock solid UX/UI. With the site design firmly in place, our engineering team built the platform from the ground up.

With just days remaining before showtime, the last of the content was submitted by contributing artists, and NewFoundry completed the last important tasks leading up to launch: full site QA and user testing. With all systems “go”, Pop-Post was born and introduced to the world the very next morning.

Pop-Post iPhone

Pop-Post features animation, video content, reviews, guest interviews, and events in an open culture that invites everyone to enjoy and become engaged. Now just a few weeks post-launch, Pop-Post is focused on using the site to its full effect to build an independent, diverse social community from a female perspective and continues to build its loyal fan base daily.

To experience the Pop-Post entertainment platform, visit Pop-Post.com.