NewFoundry was selected to define and design the way forward for the Canton Soccer Club. The Club Manager, Dan McEvilly, was seeking to develop a new, integrated brand identity system for the club that would meet their primary objective: bring their two main operational branches (premier/travel teams and community recreational teams) together. The secondary objective was to better capture the soccer club’s vision, appeal and reach with a visual identity system that could drive merchandising and represent the club’s growth trajectory.

The Canton Soccer Club was established in 1978 and has become one of the most successful full-service, community-based soccer organizations in the Great Lakes. With over 2800 participating members, 800+ select and premier players, over 1500 recreational players, and nearly 500 adult players, the club’s visual identity reaches deep into the SE Michigan community, touching schools, businesses and other community organizations.

This effort required a strategic approach to address the club’s current and future structure, including both premier level teams and community-rec level teams. Through a deep discovery effort and secondary research into current and past rebrands of global professional soccer teams, NewFoundry was able to capture the club’s European roots through the design of an original tri-shield/clover shape. This flagship symbol represents the organization’s core pillars of community, club, and commitment while giving clues to its heritage and core influence: Scotland’s famous Celtic Football Club.

The club is looking forward to carrying its new brand forward to expand its reach and influence in the soccer community throughout Michigan and beyond. To learn more about the Canton Soccer club, visit